Vision Statement

Our vision is:

Being among the top 3 investment companies in the country until 1400

In the near future, we will become a large investment complex, developed, dynamic, agile and effective as a model for new investment. In this regard, we have outlined the achievement of the top economic, scientific and technological position in the country and becoming the first choice of domestic and foreign investors in the country in our future perspective.

Mission Statement

Existential philosophy of the company is Protecting and promoting the interests of shareholders and other stakeholders and maintaining the company's profitability by developing and improving the investment portfolio, creating sustainable value and optimal management of subsidiaries.

To this end, the company invest dynamically and continuously in the fields of industry, mining, energy, construction and civil engineering, health, tourism and hotel management, agriculture, food and commercial industries, capital markets and financial services, information technology, and participate in the industrial and economic development of the country.

The company interacts with all natural and legal persons who need to provide financial resources to carry out various projects or investment ideas with appropriate returns and the least risk, and with them directly or indirectly through subsidiaries. It participates in various fields. In this way, the company consolidates and stabilizes its position and introduces the brand in the domestic market, and in this way tries not to miss global opportunities.

Having desirable financial resources and credits and having efficient relations with different economic sectors of the country and benefiting from committed, specialized and capable intellectual and human capital, and managing and synergizing the value chain of products and services and using technology Innovations have provided the company with a high level of strength and competitive advantage. With this potential, any creative idea or thought can be turned into a profitable investment project.

Grand Goals

  • Increase and develop quality assets
  • Increase quality profits and promote shareholder benefits
  • Promote and maintain the company rank and brand development of the group
  • Reduce investment risks
  • Promote safety, health and hygiene of the workplace and optimize the use of resources and energy consumption
  • Creating an atmosphere of creativity and innovation in the organizational environment and turning the company into a learning organization

Policy Statement

melal economy group affiliated with melal credit institution aims to develop, improve and create sustainable values ​​through partnerships and investments in private companies active in manufacturing, services and commerce. through the establishment of an integrated management system including iso 9001: 2015 (quality management system), iso 14001: 2015 (environmental management system), iso 45001: 2018 (occupational health and safety management system) and compliance with relevant process requirements the organization effectively seeks the following strategies:


1. promoting stakeholder satisfaction on an ongoing basis;

2. continuous reduction of systematic and qualitative risks, failures, and deviations in all processes of the organization through the diffusion of risk-based thinking;

3. ensuring compliance with the rules and regulations and fully implementing the requirements of the integrated management system (ims)

4. commitment to protecting the environment from pollution, workplace accidents, personal hygiene and safety and social responsibility;

5. empowering and developing staff competencies and promoting and maintaining the organization's knowledge in order to fulfill its organizational mission and goals;

6. optimal, efficient and effective utilization of resources and a commitment to continuous improvement of the integrated management system (ims).

we ensure that this policy is communicated to all stakeholders in an effective manner and enforced and implemented with the participation and empathy of the staff. we also declare that this policy is periodically oriented to the right direction for the organization's strategy to ensure it is consistent with the needs of the organization and to continuously improve the integrated management system (ims) is being reviewed andupdated.


Ghafour Khoramehr

CEO and Member of Board of Directors