Melal Economy Group is now on the path to conquering high peaks of success and achieving its true status among the top investment companies in the country. I consider the achievement of the current situation borne by the virtuous thought and prompt mind of the valued founder and the members of the board of directors. We use our full potential to protect the shareholders' equity of the company and increase its value, and we are proud that the blessing achievement has been to put the collection on the route to serve the compatriots and vulnerable groups of the society.

We hope that with the help of The Lord, through promotion of working procedures, elimination of existing weaknesses with strategic and systemic attitudes, employing the strengths and opportunities, applying and continuing appropriate strategies, understanding the capacities of investment in the country and the provision and proper use of financial resources, we will see more dynamism and growth in the business environment and will take important steps towards the dignity of Iran.

Undoubtedly we will be able to achieve our objectives through loyalty and adherence to such values as:

• Respect and practical commitment to the laws of the country and compliance with financial and administrative transparency at all levels,

• Attraction and maintenance of expert, loyal and motivated human capital, and efforts to promote their knowledge and skills,

• Speeding up decision-making and the removal of administrative bureaucracy at managerial levels,

• Commitment to social responsibility and respect for human dignity, and

• Protecting the environment and natural resources.


Ghafour Khoramehr

CEO and Member of Board of Directors