Subject of Activity:

  • Investment and participation in the implementation of projects related to the power plant, oil, gas, petrochemical and other related industries after obtaining the necessary permits
  • Execution of all installation, construction, engineering, support, commissioning, operation, maintenance and management of oil, gas and petrochemical energy projects inside and outside the country
  • Purchase and sale of various assets, equipment and technical and engineering services, purchase of securities, movable and immovable property and other authorized activities in order to earn profit
  • Providing technical, engineering and contracting consulting services regarding the above cases to natural and legal persons and supervising investable companies
  • Import, export, swap of raw materials, additives, catalysts and other oil, gas and petrochemical products and products of other industries related to the field of energy and justifiable and obtaining representation and partnership with similar domestic and foreign companies
  • Participation and purchase of shares of companies related to energy, power plants, oil, gas, petrochemicals and other related industries