Subject of Activity:

  • Provision and management of health care delivery units in the field of construction and equipment of hospitals and comprehensive cancer centers and exploitation throughout the country
  • Providing health, diagnostic and treatment services and health promotion to clients and members based on the license received, tariffs, standards and instructions issued by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education
  • Providing health and medical facilities required by the company, including tools, equipment and movable and immovable property
  • Equipping health and medical units assigned by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education from the facilities received and the company's capital
  • Attracting, directing and performing various services for foreign patients applying for medical services in Iran
  • Production and distribution of equipment, health and medical supplies, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, and the sale and purchase and export and import of any drugs and equipment and health and medical supplies and authorized food
  • Providing the ground and providing health services in other countries